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Stock Cables

Due to our flexibility at providing short, specific lengths to meet customers' requirements, it is not uncommon to have extra lengths and over-runs. 

Concept Cables does not normally stock finished product and generally manufactures against customer orders. 

You will find these over-runs detailed below. If any of these cables are of interest to you, please email or phone the office +44 (0) 1258 480 603 for a quotation and to confirm availability.

Our extensive range of Decorative Lighting Cables are always available from stock. Please contact the office with your requirements.

To download over-run stock cable data sheets: 
Either Login / Register using the buttons at the top of the page. Then s
imply click the green 'download' button next to the relevant cable.


  • • 8 Cores
  • • 4 Twisted Pairs
  • • Water Blocked
  • • Foil Screen
  • • Braid Screen
  • • PU Jacket in Black
  • • 13.90mm Ø

Available: 59m

1x Coax 1x 24AWG Screened Quad 1x 24AWG Screened Pair 10x16AWG Cores, Armoured, PU Jacket O/D 21.50mm
Available length  50 metres

32 x 0.50mm² Cores 16 x UTP Overall Foil Screen PU Jacket O/D 20.50mm
Available length 28metres

2 x 20AWG Cores 1 x 26AWG STT Steel Strength Member PU Jacket O/D 8.50mm
Available length  400 metres

4 x 16AWG PU Bedding Stainless Steel Braided Armour PU Jacket O/D 10.70mm
Available Length  110 metres

1 x 75Ω Coax 2 x 26AWG Cores 1 x 30AWG UTP Braided Strength Member PU Jacket O/D 4.95mm
Available Length  720 metres

5 x 0.24mm² Screened Jacketed Triads. Overall Screen, PU Jacket O/D 16.80mm
Available Length  101 metres

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